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The Importance Of Teammates

CHARLESTON, SC -- It's one of our core beliefs at Southern Sports Performance: You cannot succeed without the support of your teammates. If you are an amateur athlete who plays a team sport, it is incredibly difficult to have a lone wolf mindset. Let me explain.

The bond that teammates share is strong and resilient. You do everything together. Eat, Train, Practice, Hang Out, Compete. They go through the grind with you. They understand your crazy schedule because their schedule is the exact same. Who else is going to want to go with you to Waffle House at 12:45am on a Wednesday because you just got off the bus after a mid-week game? Your schedule is what brings you together, but it is the camaraderie that keeps you together. Teammates are with you 24/7.

The camaraderie that develops helps you on and off the field. Since baseball tends to be such a technical sport, it is tough to talk baseball with someone who isn't in it with you. They won't understand the little things you did right or wrong in your last outing and they definitely won't understand the tweaks you're making to your pitching/hitting mechanics in practice. Teammates can offer a unique set of eyes and ears to help you develop as a player. Teammates make you a better player.

At Southern Sports Performance, we pride ourselves in offering individualized athletic training programs that are catered to your individual needs. However, there is something to be said for the team aspect of training. It gives you an extra spark in the weight room when you're on your last set of squats and you look to your right and see your teammate giving it his all in his last set of squats. It's motivating. Iron sharpens Iron. That is why we structure our team weight lifting programs in two parts: core team lifts and individualized lifts. Being a part of a team provides a unique opportunity to have 20 other guys hold you accountable for how hard you work. It's why businesses often love hiring former athletes. They've been trained to work hard and push others to be better. Teammates push you to reach another gear.

You have good games and bad games as an athlete. It's part of it. Being a consistently good teammate helps you survive the bad and enjoy the good. They pick up the slack when you have a bad night at the plate and they're the first to circle around home plate after you hit a walk-off to win it. Without your teammates support, you are likely to get overwhelmed by the highs and lows of competition.

This is a big reason why one of my favorite sayings is, "Make a teammate better today." It puts the focus on someone else rather than yourself. Work hard for the guy beside you because you'd want him to do the same for you. You are in the same boat. Win together, lose together. Concentrate on being a good teammate this week.

Because without teammates, winning wouldn't be nearly as sweet.

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